Designed around what our residents are interested in and love to do; keeping social interaction and enjoyment of life major factors in our day to day running

We believe that the provision of activities designed around our residents interests & capabilities lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Activities help to promote independence, social interaction and better health.

Day to day life should be enjoyable and they say variety if the spice of life.  Across all of our homes in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Worcester we have dedicated activity coordinators who ensure the quality care and compassion residents receive from the nursing team is complemented by a focus on social wellbeing.

Whether that’s making new friends, enjoying a laugh or a cheeky tipple, sharing stories of the good ol’ days, learning a new skill, watching a film or joining a group day out, we want residents to enjoy their time with us, have a fulfilling daily lifestyle and maintain a sense of independence.

Our home is your home, so live in it and live like you would normally.

Activities are an important part of our day and as such we offer a variety of choice. The activities that we offer reflect the interests and capabilities of our clients. We highly value social interaction in the lounge; many of our residents are mentally infirm and social interaction is proven to really make a difference. As social beings, social interaction goes down well with many individuals and we often get the karaoke machine out. This is fantastic fun and many of those residents who don’t usually speak come out with brilliant singing voices, those who are more mobile are motivated to get up and dance, and just in general it’s an example of one of the many activities that we enjoy together.

Our staff are recruited based on their skills and abilities but also very much on their attitude and passion. This is evident in the treatment of all the people we support and is particularly apparent during activities when we all enjoy spending time together doing things that we enjoy. Staff are on hand at all times and activities include but are not limited to:

Arts and crafts

Tabletop Gardening


Cards, games, quizzes and discussion groups

Entertainers – particularly around music and dancing as these are a favourite request!




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A few shots of our residents in action!

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