About Us

We provide a wide range of specialist person-centred care and support services for adults and older people with a wide range of needs including EMI Care, nursing care, residential care, respite care and dementia care, see details below.

At Capital Care Group we have six homes, Anville Court, Haresbrook Park, Hillcrest Manor, Portland House, Westfield Lodge and Weston Park.

All our homes except Haresbrook Park provide Nursing Care and Palliative Care. Hillcrest Manor and Weston Park provide Dementia Care and EMI services. Haresbrook Park is our residential facility, our loving and caring staff become a second family to residents here and there is a genuine warmth and friendliness about the place. All our homes offer Respite Care Services. Hillcrest Manor is specifically focused on EMI and Dementia Care Services. Haresbrook is our residential facility, our loving and caring staff become a second family to residents here and there is a genuine warmth and friendliness about the place. All three homes offer Respite Care Services.


Nursing care

With specialist, highly qualified nursing staff available all day, every day we know that our clients will always receive the very best care and attention, frequently reviewed and tailored to meet individuals’ specific and often changing needs.

Residential care

Resistance to change and the loss of independence is normal and something that we understand explicitly. This is why preservation of identity, independence, personal privacy and respect are so important to us at Capital Care Group. Often those using our home for respite services realise the dramatic difference being in the home makes to their quality of life and many of our residents first visit us through this route. We offer a warm, caring community environment where individuals feel a strong sense of self and belonging through carefully considered activities, meals and social events.

Respite care services

Respite services give carers a break from what is a very demanding, full on and often underappreciated role. Carers are able to relax knowing that their loved ones are being taken care of in the best possible environment with passionate and highly trained staff on hand. It is also a break for those receiving care as they are able to enjoy being part of a community safe in the knowledge that it is for a set period of time. Research has proven that these services work really well to preserve relationships where otherwise the stress of care could cause them to break down.

Specialist care for people with dementia

As our population ages, dementia-related conditions are becoming increasingly widespread. We fully support the continuation of a full and active life for those suffering with dementia through mentally and physically stimulating activities. At Capital Care Group we work carefully with individual’s interests and capabilities in mind to provide a range of activities that they will enjoy and participate in. We also do our utmost to maintain individual identity in a respectful and dignified manner.

Specialist end of life care

It is a particularly difficult time when those we love are nearing the end of their life. The services that we offer include pain relief, physical and psychological care, as well as emotional support, empathy and compassion. That these are offered to the individual approaching the end of their life goes without saying, however we also understand the importance of a sensitive, empathetic approach to their loved ones too. In this area in particular, we believe that we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone involved is emotionally supported with compassion and consideration.


When planning activities we are constantly lead by the interests and capabilities of our residents. In this way we have a better participation level which in turn leads to a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all. Activities are a key part of the service that we offer as they help to promote independence, social interaction and in turn better health.

Popular interests include:

Arts and crafts
Tabletop Gardening
Cards, games, quizzes and discussion groups
Entertainers – including getting out the karaoke machine!

External Services

Along with our usual activities we have a variety of external services visit the homes:



It is so important to us that our clients enjoy being in our Home’s. As with everything else that we do, we see food as an expression of individuality. We do provide set seasonal menus, however our chefs are all on site and so are able to be more flexible as a result.

We want our residents to enjoy their meals and to eat a healthy balanced diet, therefore we do take their requests, likes and dislikes into consideration and wherever possible give them the food that they want. After all, they’re more likely to eat it if it’s what they want!

We also have a daily structure of meals but are always on hand should someone want anything outside of these times.

An overview regarding the history and operations of Capital Care Group Limited

Capital Care Group is a care home provider with operations in three established locations

  • Haresbrook Park Care Home was acquired on the 23rd July 2008
  • Hillcrest Manor Nursing was acquired on the 4th December 2004
  • Portland House Nursing Home was acquired on the 5th May 2006
  • Westfield Lodge Care Home was acquired on the 19th September 2016
  • Weston Park Care Home was acquired on the 19th September 2016
  • Anville Court Care Home was acquired on the 25th July 2017



As part of a group restructuring exercise Capital Care Group Limited altered its legal entity structure (effective 1st April 2015).  Capital Care Group Limited is now the holding company with each of the business and assets of the care homes transferred into separate legal entities owned by the holding company.

The new legal entities have been incorporated with the following names and company numbers:

Anville Court Care Limited – 10511589

Haresbrook Park Limited – 09272765

Hillcrest Manor Limited – 09272708

Portland House Care Limited – 09272824

Westfield Lodge Care Limited – 10154252

Weston Park Care Limited – 10154096