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We pride ourselves on a flexible approach in establishing services for individuals living with dementia.

Care Homes Specialising in Dementia Care

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As populations age, dementia-related conditions have become more prevalent.

Care for individuals suffering with dementia may consist of formal and informal care. Formal care involves the services of community and medical partners, while informal care involves the support of family, friends, and local communities, but more often from spouses, adult children and other relatives.

In most mild to medium cases of dementia the primary caregiver is a family member, usually a spouse or adult child. Over time more and more professional care in the form of nursing and other supportive care may be required, whether at home or in a long term care facility.

We offer specialist care for people with Dementia at Hillcrest Manor to ensure that individuals suffering continue to live a full and active life.

How we positively impact the lives of those living with dementia

- Health & Fitness - we use both physically and mentally stimulating activities to help our residents to keep fit and healthy; the better they feel the more they enjoy life

- Identity - as dementia progresses, individuals will need increasing assistance in dressing. We get to know our residents and their individual style so that we can help them to dress as they would themselves, helping to preserve their identity

- Respect & Dignity - we understand that it can be very difficult for individuals to accept help, particularly with washing which is such a personal and private activity. Our specially trained team helps individuals in a sensitive and tactful way; respecting their dignity whilst ensuring that their basic needs are seen to

- Diet - Dementia can greatly affect individuals' relationships with food. With our onsite chefs we are able to cook up what individuals fancy if they don't want what's on the menu. By doing this we are more able to maintain enjoyment of food, thus enabling individuals to benefit from a healthy, balanced diet

- Personal Comfort - We encourage as much information as possible about individuals to allow us to get to know them. Having people around who understand their likes and dislikes, having their own belongings surrounding them and remaining physically and mentally active can all bring comfort and positively impact those individuals suffering from Dementia.

At Hillcrest Manor we believe that good dementia care is about getting to know individuals, bringing them comfort and ensuring their needs are met while helping them to lead a healthy and enjoyable life

At Hillcrest Manor we have an open door policy and you are welcome to speak to our Manager at any time about any concerns or with any questions. We provide an excellent service here and it is very important to us to ensure that friends and family members of those individuals who come to stay with us are reassured, kept involved and are welcome in our home.

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