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There is so much pressure nowadays on looking younger, and to fit the societal mould around being physically younger and more attractive. For the older population, this pressure is where it really gains its legs. From celebrity influences, to friends and family recommending cosmetic surgery, there is a continuous cycle in today’s generation about looking younger and more aesthetic.  


As a collective it is important to remember that self care is vital, whatever age you are. Whatever form that care comes in, internal or external, from skincare to a wonderful diet. Are you of the older generation and still curious about what the best way is to age the right way? We are going to talk through a few of our favourite top tips to keeping your mind, body, and soul forever youthful. 

  • Be Kind To The Skin You’re In. 


Our skin is our body’s biggest organ, and it is vital that we take serious care of it. If you treat your skin with the kindness and consideration it deserves, you will benefit so much in the long run. Taking care of your skin can come in many forms, not just by moisturising everyday. Staying hydrated is a huge benefit in keeping your skin young as it helps increase elasticity and keeps your skin moisturised for longer. Drinking plenty of water per day can really make a difference when improving the condition of your skin. Keeping on top of your diet also widely impacts the condition of your skin. Keeping your diet colourful and incorporating your veggies and fruits will inevitably keep your insides healthy, and therefore show on the outside through your skin. Sticking to gentle skincare routines will also play a huge part in protecting and brightening the skin. Using light and targeted creams and other lotions will enhance the skin’s natural glow and allow your beauty to radiate from your skin. Wearing suncream also plays a massive part in protecting your skin and staying youthful. We are all no strangers to the fact that overexposure to UV light can sometimes be deadly, so it is crucial we protect ourselves in any way we can. Dressing in protective clothing can also help when exposed to direct sunlight. Getting yearly cancer screenings is also a very constructive way of keeping on top of your skin’s health and condition. Keeping on top of your skin’s health is the most effective way to look and feel revitalised, and having glowing, healthy skin will only make you feel better on the inside. 

  • Stick to Regular Exercise. 


Regular exercise can have a huge impact on keeping your body active and young. The risks of a lack of exercise and movement can cause many physical issues and possibility of diseases such as obesity, heart disease and various cancers. Any form of exercise has an abundance of benefits which include heart, skin and bone health, general mood, quality of sleep and so much more. 2.5-5 hours of moderate exercise a week can widely improve muscle and bone strength, and very popular exercises can include dancing, walking, swimming and bodyweight exercises. Older adults should also focus on activities that include balance training in addition to aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises.

  • Your Mental Health Matters. 


Keeping yourself happy and your mindset positive has become a global recognition when looking at the importance of mental health. WHO, The World Health Organisation has stated that ‘Over 20% of adults aged 60 and over suffer from a mental or neurological disorder (excluding headache disorders) and 6.6% of all disability (disability adjusted life years-DALYs) among people over 60 years is attributed to mental and neurological disorders.’ This is a clear recognition that the mental health of the older generation is something that needs lots of attention and care. It is common for neurological disorders to be more prevalent in older people, so keeping their minds fresh and happy is an absolute necessity when it comes to ageing. Accepting the concept of ageing is a huge step in being content with your life as an older person, and continuing doing things you enjoy like certain activities is a way to engage, keep your mind active, and will only fuel your happiness. 


Ageing gracefully is more about being healthy and happy than keeping the lines and wrinkles less visible to the naked eye. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, surrounding yourself with people you love, and doing things that you enjoy is the best way to keep young and get the absolute most out of your life, particularly in your later years.

You are not alone in worrying about the hurdles you have to jump when it comes to getting older, so don’t hesitate to speak to someone about your concerns. Here at Capital Care Group, we have trained professionals whose priority is your wellbeing and happiness. 

Contact us today or pay a visit to one of our many homes across the UK to speak to qualified individuals here at Capital Care. 

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