Family Advice

Pop in for a cup of tea as often as you like…

We love meeting friends and family and putting faces to names

Our open-door policy means friends and family are welcome to visit or call whenever and as often as they like.

We have a portable handset and so we can easily take the call to our residents, making it straightforward for them to receive calls – particularly if they’re less mobile.

We are happy to provide meals for friends and family with our residents (please note that there’s a small charge for these). Our aim is to make the home as homely, caring and inviting for all of our residents as we can.

Our selective recruitment process ensures that we have the right people in our homes who are passionate, thoughtful, caring and respectful in order to really create a second family for our residents.

Choosing a new nursing home requires careful consideration, which is why we recommend visiting as many residential care homes as you can. If you are able to make an appointment, we can ensure we have plenty of time to show you around and answer any questions you may have. If you want to just turn up however we can still welcome you at any time, offering you the chance to meet with our staff, sit with residents and check the chairs are comfortable!

Your local social services department will have a list of registered homes in your area but also speak to friends and relatives for their recommendations.

Visit as many nursing homes as you can and speak with staff, residents and managers so you can make comparisons. Find out if they can cater to the specific care needs of the person in question:

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What was your initial greeting on arrival?
  • Were the bedrooms well equipped, comfortable and warm?
  • Are there enough living and dining areas?
  • What kind of social activities does the home offer?
  • Is there a varied menu and good use of fresh food? Is there access to a garden?
  • What is the general atmosphere like? – Is it calm; are there any offensive odours, do residents appear happy?
  • What is the staff to resident ratio?

We appreciate that this is difficult for everyone involved and our homes are a home for all of the family.

You are welcome to visit the home at any time, day or night to see your friend or relative and we encourage as many visits as possible. We even invite you to share meals with loved ones and participate in many of the activities we host in our homes. You may even wish to have five minutes to yourself in our landscaped gardens and communal areas or make use of your relative’s private room.